All-Purpose Natural Treatment Sprays:

Unscented: Dogs & Puppies / Cats & Kittens / Horses

Lavender / Cedar: Dogs & Puppies / Horses (Not recommended for Cats & Kittens as essential oils are present)

  • Epi-Pet's simple three step (Brush+Spray+Brush) treatment application is quick and easy, taking only minutes to perform. 
  • 2-4 applications per day are recommended until the condition is controlled. 
  • Continue using the Treatment Spray daily to maintain a healthy skin & hair coat for the pet. 
  • Epi-Pet All-Purpose Natural Treatment Spray is an over the counter (OTC) non steroidal ant-inflammatory product (NSAIP) that is safe for every day use throughout the life of the pet. 
  • Use the Treatment Sprays to prevent skin problems.


  • Use daily with brush to reduce shedding by 50-85% in the first month of use.


  • Use daily with double-sided brush to reduce or eliminate hairballs altogether.

Hair Re-Growth:

  • Use 3 times daily with brush for first month than reduce to 1-2 times daily with brush until the coat completes re-growth. Once re-growth is achieved, continue using 1 time daily. 
Includes natural ingredients that repel insects like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes without the use of toxic chemicals.
Use as needed to maintain a healthy skin & hair coat or as an in-between shampoo refresher