Welcome to SPF Your Pet!  Skin Protection, Sun Protection, Superior Products, For Your Pet....

As life long pet lovers and having worked in the pet industry for many years, we are committed to good nutrition, supplementation and an active & healthy lifestyle for all pets. There was, however, one area that appeared to be lacking - topical products that work in conjunction with good nutrition to provide a truly holistic approach to pet care as what goes 'on' is as important as what goes 'in'. Many Veterinarians and Veterinarian Dermatologists are recognizing and encouraging the use of topical dermatological pet products that will complement and support good nutrition and medical techniques in order to achieve successful outcomes, long term results and assist to prevent future issues. 

We also began to uncover a surprising and concerning amount of sun damage on our own pet, Winslow, our ten-year old, highly active Goldendoodle. We enjoy the outdoors and it never occurred to us, living in BC and with his extensive coat that he too required sun protection. We made it our mission to source out the best quality, highest performing, multi-functional line of pet skincare products that will both protect and condition the skin and coat. 

Dr. Michael Fleck, a 40 year practicing Florida Veterinarian, recognized the continued rise in pet skin conditions in his clinic and the overwhelming demand and need to develop a quality line of esthetic skin care products formulated specifically for a pet's skin chemistry. After years of research and development, Epi-Pet was born! It has been met with rave reviews by top Groomers, Veterinarians and pet lovers alike. Dr. Fleck travels the United States and many parts of the world educating & lecturing about Skin and Ear Care. 

We are very pleased & excited to bring this line to the Canadian market! They truly are 'All-Purpose' and once you try them, like us, you will always use Epi-Pet on your four-legged loved ones!  And remember to SPF Your Pet!

We look forward to serving you and more importantly, your pets! 

Sandra, Lorne, Sam and Winslow Patterson