Double Sided Brush

Epi-Pet LLC

Epi-Pet Double Sided Brush is an essential tool in the performance of Epi-Pet's patent pending Three Step Application, Brush+Spray+Brush. One side of the brush head has stiff wire bristles that are spaced openly while the other side has firm but softer nylon bristles. The stiff open spaced wire bristles are extremely effective at exfoliating or removing dirt and flakes of dead skin. These wire bristles also work to increase the blood circulation near the surface of the skin so that the Epi-Pet All-Purpose Natural Treatment Spray can be absorbed into the skin more efficiently. Also, the wire bristles are excellent for untangling snarly and matted hair.

The firm but softer nylon bristled side of the brush head is effective in distributing the Epi-Pet All-Purpose Natural Treatment Spray evenly on the thinner more sensitive areas of the skin like the underbelly of the pet. Applying several spritzes of the treatment spray on this side of the brush itself is an excellent way to apply the product. This softer side of the brush is also useful in brushing around the pet's face. Like all Epi-Pet products, the Double Sided Brush is multifunctional.