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GREAT NEWS!  EPI-PET IS NOW AVAILABLE IN CANADA!  For Dogs & Puppies / Cats & Kittens / Horses

This acclaimed Veterinarian Developed Pet Dermatology line works synergistically to address many key and critical pet skin & coat conditions and is recommended by Veterinarians and Professional Groomers to achieve the best possible results.

Examples: Hotspots, Dermatitis, Ringworm, Hairballs, Allergy related issues, Fungus, Oily or Dry Skin & Coats, Hair Loss, Shedding, Sun Protection, Discoid Lupus, etc...

Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray, the ONLY FDA Compliant  sunscreen, is currently under review within Health Canada and we are hoping to have this available in Canada just as soon as possible.  Stay tuned for updates...

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